New Chef Rejuvenates Cortona Contemporary Italian Restaurant

I really loved writing this:

Feb. 21, 2013 – Former Erling Jensen’s Chef de Cuisine Nate Olivia has cooked up a fresh menu at his new home kitchen of Cortona Contemporary Italian. Olivia started as the new executive chef of Cortona at the beginning of February. Along with new manager Jennifer Dickerson, Olivia rewrote the menu. 

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The Cooper-Young neighborhood of Memphis, Tennessee

These days I am covering neighborhoods, the Cooper-Young neighborhood of Memphis to be exact. It’s a foodie destination and hip, urban neighborhood of midtown. You can find my most recent work on the baby blog of MicroMemphis called Visit for more info. I will be posting articles and links to the latest soon! As always, thanks all for your readership.



Eat Local: 48 Hours in Memphis

In order to sincerely introduce someone to what Memphis soul is all about, out-of-towners simply must visit Brother Juniper’s on an early morning for breakfast.

Stepping into this little café on a sunny day feels like stepping into a diner in the middle of the flowering Austrian mountains. Though it doesn’t look like much but a little old home with a pretty blooming trellis from the outside, indoors it’s quite the roomy restaurant.

Customers may be greeted by an elegant older woman named Pauline as they pass a kitchen hutch displaying signature jars of jam. Pauline Koplin is the owner of this home-turned-diner.

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Cakes, Bakes and Business Ideas

Two sets of little hands reach into a silver bowl of their mother’s sweet gooey brownie batter. Standing on tiptoes, they finally grab a handful of smooth liquid chocolate and stuff their fists in their mouths. Their little pink pinafores are now covered in large brown globs, but they’re too jubilant to notice.

That very scenario details what Memphis resident Deedee Yarger, and her sister and Swanton, Ohio resident Jill Piasecki did while watching their mother run a wedding cake business growing up.

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The University of Memphis, Evolving into the Digital Age

“I am long on years, but short on time. I expect to live to be only about 100,” said Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb.

The University of Memphis recently turned gray at 100 years old, but contrary to Edison, their light bulbs are still on. September 10, 1912 marked the birth of the school, and 100 years later perhaps much like its’ birth, marked the centennial birthday with cake and balloons.

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Barefoot Students Promote TOMS’ Footwear Cause

Today, some students on campus will leave their feet in the hands of Mother Nature, as they walk around barefoot to promote TOMS’ “One Day Without Shoes.”

Fashion is taking on more of a socioeconomic stance for businesses like TOMS, which sells footwear with a “One for One” policy in mind. For every pair of shoes purchased, another pair is donated to a child in need.

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Trouble for Students in the Career Field

Christopher Hayden’s dream job involves diving into the dirt of third-world countries to transform his knowledge of architecture into local clinics and schools.

Hayden, 22-year-old U of M graduate, majored in architecture in college; but last summer he landed a job as a customer service rep and part-time graphic designer for a computer software company called Excellerate.

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12-Year-Old Doctor

Dr. Abbas Mirza thinks back to a time 28 years ago.

Twelve-year-old Mirza held the sutures with shaking hands, poised to weave the stranger’s gashed hand. He tried to calm his beating heart and instead disguise his fear as placid concentration. Abbas’s father silently looked on as he began to knit the patient’s numbed skin back together. His father’s recent words scrolled across the confines of his mind, “I’ve been teaching you all this while. Just remember what I told you, and pretend like you know what you’re doing.”

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